hi! i’m laura, a graphic designer currently based in paris.



publication design / typographic design

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analog photography / publication design

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vernacular photography / publication design

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publication design

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still life photography / art direction


still life photography / art direction

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a funny little zine

São Paulo, 2020

AD: Laura Lito
Designer: Laura Lito
Photography: Bel Lafer 
Typeface: Roca by Elena Genova

Zines are tiny independent, non-professional booklets, published by small groups that share something in common. What attracts me in this type of publication are its references coming directly from pop culture and everyday life, its non-scholarly character and the desire of regular people who often would not call themselves writers or artists to produce accessible and shareable content. This zine is inspired by my teenage experiences, and has an aesthetic similar to retro advertisements and scratch and sniff stickers, popular in the 80’s and 90’s. My goal was to be able to create something funny, relatable, non-erudite and pop culture influenced.


A reference photo from blog “Branded in the 80’s” that inspired me for creating the zine aesthetics. The ingenue look of each little character helps adding an ironic touch to the project. The stickers were produced by “Paper Arts” in the early 80’s.

I designed the spreads in order to every page come with a statement and when you turn it over, there’s a funny objection to it.