hi! i’m laura lito, a graphic designer and producer currently based in são paulo.



publication design / typographic design

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analog photography / publication design

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vernacular photography / publication design

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publication design

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packaging design / social media

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abstract illustration / vector art


still life photography / art direction


still life photography / art direction

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São Paulo, 2020

AD: Laura Lito
Photography: Laura Lito 

Since I was fourteen years old, I have always been passionate about gastronomy. About five years ago, during my free time, I started making chocolates. It was through the sensitivity of creating these delicate sweets that I realized my passion for art direction and crafts.

Photographing and staging them became my favorite part of the process. It was then that I realized my true professional guidance, and, in the same year, I started discovering the world of design and art.

Last year I had the idea of recreating these beauties the way I used to make them: triangular shaped milk chocolate truffles with gold foil on top. Then, I decided to photograph them.

The photos were taken with a Sony Alpha 7 mirrorless camera. Although the photographs are digital, I managed to overexpose them to create a natural soft grain, giving the photos an analog appearance.

As a result, I created a soft aesthetic that could reflect the purity of gold.