hi! i’m laura lito, a graphic designer and producer currently based in são paulo.



publication design / typographic design

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publication design

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still life photography / art direction

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lubs: magic potion

São Paulo, 2021

CD: Marina Zaguini
AD & Set Design: Isabela Vdd 
Sr. Designer: Isabela Vdd
Design Assistant: Laura Lito

Art Assistants: Amanda Obeid, Joana Leonzini
Beauty: Rafaella Crepaldi
Styling: Miranda Luz
Stage Manager: Lua Nucci
Photography: Takeuchiss

Lubs is a Brazilian sexual care brand that brings ideas and products for a freer and overflowing sexuality. I was invited by their Art Director, Isabela, to assist her on the design of the brand’s new release:

magic potion.

magic potion is a stimulating powder that contains cocoa base, Peruvian maca and maná cubiu. It aims to better develop our libido, and works as a daily supplement.

Isa and I also developed magic potion’s social media art, and well... it is pure magic.


Check Lubs’ website here.

Lubs aesthetic, created by Isa, is extremely sensitive and delicate. You can check more of her amazing work here.