hi! i’m laura, a graphic designer currently based in paris.



publication design / typographic design

︎︎︎arquivo são paulo

analog photography / publication design

︎︎︎chez mamie: a reservoir of meanings

vernacular photography / publication design

︎︎︎a funny little zine

publication design

︎︎︎lubs: magic potion

packaging design / social media

︎︎︎digital watercolours

abstract illustration / vector art


still life photography / art direction


still life photography / art direction

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São Paulo, 2020

AD: Laura Lito
Photography: Laura Lito

Organicity is a photographic project about contrasts. It is the duality of the organic with the plastic, and has roots in the conception of what femininity is.

A flower, an artisanal bread, a glitter eyeshadow, a plastic wrap, wooden spoon. The touch of a human hand.